Refusal to close video call on take off: Ryanair flight leaves 3 hours late

He didn’t want to finish it video call Even if the plane is ready now Take off. So the trip Ryanair Leaves from Milan Malpensa with the destination toast Ended up collecting approx 3 hours late.

The protagonist is a woman who – according to passenger accounts – was engaged in a video call with her smartphone when it was now time to disconnect all communications to avoid interfering with the frequencies The crew uses it in dialogue with control tower.

When the hosts asked her to turn off her cell phone, the woman refused angry I started yelling at flight crew and passengers who, be patientInvite her to respect the rules. Wonderful moments followed Voltagealso with explicit threatswith the passenger who insisted on continuing to use the smartphone.

Forced state of excitement Leader to call police who stepped on board, and called on the woman to disembark to allow the leave. Damage to all other passengers is now done. Between the overruns and the new departure schedule, the Milan-Brindisi flight piled up Three hours late.

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