Personality test: choose a model and find out which movie is just right for you

Which movie should you definitely watch? Find out with today’s fun quiz, choose the scenes you like and read the corresponding profile

What movie might you have not seen yet that is just right for you? Today’s fun quiz reveals that. How can we proceed then? Choose a viewer marked with numbers 1-4 and read the corresponding profile.

Even if the opposite movie seems unpleasant to you, we suggest you watch it anyway, who knows if it’s better than you think.

As always, we remind you that our tests are simple games and should be taken as such. Good fun!

Spectator 1 – Parasite

You may have already heard of “Parasite,” the brilliant film by South Korean director Bong Joon Ho, which tells the story of two families, one poor (Kims) and the other rich (Park), whose lives are intertwined. Raw’s story highlights the eternal struggle between the rich and the poor, and shows a highly unjust class society. Not to be missed at all!

The Spectator 2 – Encanto

If you choose scenes 2, the movie you should definitely watch is Disney’s animated masterpiece “Encanto”. Released in 2021, the protagonist is a very young Mirabelle Madrigal, the black sheep of her family because, unlike all other relatives, she lacks a definite talent. Mirabel feels no match for her talented family, but her apparent weakness will prove to be of great value.

Spectator 3 – Great Beauty

You should definitely watch “La Grande Bellezza” by Paolo Sorrentino. Protagonist Jeb Gambardella, played by Tony Cervello, is a famous journalist and theater critic who spends his time in the most mundane circles of the capital. Gibb wants to understand his life by pushing himself beyond the absurdity of appearances, in search of authentic beauty, but at the same time he is trapped in the emptiness of his world.

Scenes 4 – In the wilderness – In the wild

Written and directed by Sean Penn, “Into the Wild – In the wilds” tells the story of Christopher McCandless, a boy who, after completing his studies, decides to abandon everything and move away from the schemes of a capitalist society that he feels. Persecuted, they make the long journey across the United States to the Alaskan wilderness. Based on Jon Krakauer’s novel In the Wilds, this movie is a true hymn to freedom.

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