Paola Barali admits her illness and the decision she made

In a touching interview, Paula Barral admitted her illness and the decision she made. Here’s what you’ll do

Often there are stories that we do not know, despite the fact that the heroes of these characters are well-known personalities in the world of entertainment. We are talking about Paula Paralwhich he talked about in an interview illness.

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The Guest During an episode of Domenica In, the new contestant on Dancing With the Stars decided to talk about her private life and some of her health conditions. In fact, the woman talked about her absence from the television world for several years, as well as her illness. In addition, he also wanted to address the issue of his illness, and inform him of his decision on it. here this What did he say.

Word Barale talks about his illness: ‘This is what I decided to do’

Arrived as a competitor to Dancing with the Stars 2022 In good shape, Paola Barale decided to indulge inInterview with Dominica NHe talks about his pathology. The showgirl has been away from the TV world for many years, but now she’s back on Rai 1 to face the popular talent show.

She has an insane shape and the condition of her body proves it, though the pretty showgirl said: “I never loved herThe new dancer said that when she was young she did not like herself very much, and now when she reviews the pictures she says “Kill”, explaining that now she does not like herself, but she may say to herself twenty years later that she is not so bad.

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(Paula Barali Disease / ANSA)

But not only physically and youthful. An interview from Eternal Mara Venerethe beautiful Baral also talked about some of her health conditions, and took up their topic illness. The 50-year-old, who is still very young and in good shape, announced that she suffers from SpondylolisthesisA serious condition in the back.

I have vertebrae that have slipped a little forward – Showgirl revealed – But I decided not to do it (Referring to the operation suggested by the doctors) and I decided to counter it with physical therapy because they should put me a prosthesis.” So, Barale made the decision not to work and to act, instead, by natural therapy. So we can do nothing but good luck to the showgirl, wishing her a good performance in the talent show.

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