Omicron 2 variant, is now a mutant infection! A part of Italy is more vulnerable … »

Covid: Omicron 2 variant, now a mutation in infection! A part of Italy is more vulnerable…

Omicron variant, now a mutation of infectionthere curve from covid infections continues to rise, with real prosperity. For about 14 days, the increase was standardized at around 40%. It has already passed 340825 to 477,340 cases. The reason is due to the spread Omicron 2The new infectious alternative.

A part of Italy appears to be more vulnerable. We are talking about South In particular Apulia And the Campania, regions that lead to the new surge in cases. Especially, Increased hospital admission normal, while Intensive treatments are still empty.

alternative Omicron (BA.2) It is spreading rapidly all over the world, with a prevalence rate of 60%. According to the National Institute of Health, in Italy 44.1%. The ISS confirmed that since December 6 there has been an increased risk of reinfection: The reason is to be attributed to the new variables.

The Virologists They claim, however, that though Omicron 2 is more portableIt is no tougher than the original Omicron. Moreover, as reported by the newspaper RepublicVaccination with a booster dose will ensure high protection from symptoms and hospitalization that will continue over time: we talk about it of protection after 4-5 months up to 78%. The situation is different for those who have had COVID for a period of 6 months or a year, or when the delta variant and the alpha variant are circulating respectively in Italy. In this case, there is a risk of infection again.

Finally, it was found that the people most at risk of reinfection were people who were first diagnosed with COVID for more than 7 months, as well as Unprotected themes or has been vaccinated with a single dose for longer than 4 months.

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