Mysterious New Long Covid Symptom Discovered by Scientists

Scientists at the University of Leeds have made a significant discovery in the field of long Covid. Long Covid, also known as post Covid-19 syndrome, is a condition where individuals experience persistent symptoms even after recovering from the virus. These symptoms can last for months and significantly impact a person’s quality of life.

Among the common symptoms associated with long Covid are extreme tiredness, loss of smell, muscle aches, and shortness of breath. However, researchers have now identified a new symptom that could help in the early detection and treatment of long Covid. This symptom is a “rapid purple discolouration” that appears on the legs.

The discovery was made when a 33-year-old patient came forward with a six-month history of discolouration, heaviness, tingling, and itchiness in their legs. This condition, known as acrocyanosis, usually affects the hands and feet but can also manifest on the nose and ears. What is interesting about this particular case is that the symptoms would disappear when the patient laid down.

Experts believe that more awareness is needed among both clinicians and patients regarding the link between acrocyanosis and long Covid. The identification of this symptom could lead to earlier diagnosis and more effective management of the condition. To this end, the NHS has established a long Covid service that aims to identify and help individuals suffering from this debilitating condition.

As researchers delve deeper into the realm of long Covid, they have also made an interesting observation. It seems that the severity of initial Covid symptoms does not appear to be linked to the chances of developing long Covid. This means that even individuals who had mild cases of Covid-19 could potentially experience long-term effects.

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The University of Leeds’ recent findings have shed light on a newly discovered symptom of long Covid. With the identification of a “rapid purple discolouration” on the legs, medical professionals and the public can be more vigilant in recognizing and addressing long Covid. It is crucial to raise awareness to ensure that those experiencing long Covid receive the support and care they need.

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