Los Angeles residents can add a COVID vaccination guide to their Apple Wallet

Los Angeles County residents who have received the COVID-19 vaccination can add a digital record of their vaccination to the Apple Wallet app, according to reports. Bloomberg.

Coronavirus Disease Control and Prevention Center

The county is in partnership with Hilvana To add proof of vaccination to the Wallet app Iphone. Healthvana is a patient platform that healthcare providers can use to deliver COVID-19 test results to patients.

The vaccination record helps ensure that those vaccinated receive a second injection in both doses, and in the future, Bloomberg It is expected that it can be used as proof of vaccination for access to flights, concerts and more.

For now, the Wallet vaccination record will alert people who get the first shot about their second appointment to make sure everyone is fully vaccinated.

We really want people to come back for the second dose, ”said Claire Jarshaw, vaccine director for preventable disease control in Los Angeles. Bloomberg. “We don’t have the ability to do hundreds of medical record requests to find people’s first doses and when they need to get the second.”

Vaccinations are also tracked in records and vaccinated people get a paper card, but this card is easily lost so the Wallet app acts as a permanent guide.

The county plans to send the data to Healthvana every night, with the information stored on HIPAA-compliant servers from Amazon Web Services. Jericho said Bloomberg They are “as safe as we can make them” and that they will “feel comfortable using them.”

As of December 22, Los Angeles had administered at least 38,850 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to health care providers, long-term care facility residents, and paramedics.

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