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It is possible to change the vowels format of Whatsapp in written form, which will make things easier for us. And all this happens in a second.

How to convert vowels in Whatsapp to text
How to convert Whatsapp vowels into text images from the web

WhatsApp voice messages It’s undoubtedly a very convenient thing. When this very useful feature was introduced a few years ago, the enthusiasm of millions of users for this app, which is now indispensable, was really huge.

The presence of vowels in Whatsapp has changed the habits of many for the better. Communication is faster, people can also do other things while recording a message to send to their contacts. Just think how much you will earn if you are in a hurry while on the road.

Simply speak and head to your destination instead of having to stop and handwriting. This saves valuable time. And initially the vowels in Whatsapp did not have the function that allows you to remove your finger from the record button. Something that was introduced later that further improved everything.

Whatsapp audio, let’s convert it to written form like this

Pictures from the web

Originally it was necessary to hold down the icon to start recording. Then Whatsapp engineers saw fit to insert the chip so that they could continue the voice recording of a message so that you can lift your finger freely. And now there’s more.

With the new update, it will be possible to pause and stop recording a voice message. You can then resume it at a later time. But even so, it doesn’t stop there And there’s more.

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Thanks to an external application, it is actually possible to convert Whatsapp audio messages from audio format to text format. All this is possible with Transcriber, It can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices.

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Simply go to the Share button below the received voice message and Select the transcriber using the appropriate code. And in a second, we’ll have the written rendition of what they sent us orally.

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