Invasion of Ukraine, escape from Kiev: columns of machines are trying to leave the capital. ATM queues, limited withdrawals

Big has begun Leaking from Kiev. Images coming from the Ukrainian capital appear long after the Russian invasionMachine shafts, actually stationaryThey lined up in an attempt to get out of the city and seek a safe haven, fearing the arrival of troops from Moscow. At dawn there were queues at gas stations and traffic increased. Luke Harding, newspaper reporter guardian In the Ukrainian capital, he wrote on Twitter that he saw a Anti-aircraft shelter crowded with people Families with children e Queues in front of the ATM to withdraw money. Francesca Manucciin Kiev vs. TgLa7 And the printing, he mentioned that many people are having to give up the withdrawal because the counters are running out of cash. A maximum of around 50€ has been imposed on withdrawals.

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