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Hurricane Delta: A Category 3 Delta Storm is headed straight for communities still experiencing a devastating hurricane season

The storm, which reached about 120 miles per hour early Friday, was expected to make landfall Friday evening, just east of Lake Charles, according to meteorologist Rob Shackleford, and would actually hit communities. Hurricane Laura struck him just weeks ago.

“We believe there will be strong hurricane winds and stormy sweat in southwestern Louisiana in the area of ​​our state least willing to endure them,” Louisiana Governor John Bill Edwards said Thursday, urging residents to come up with a game plan for the storm. .

The National Hurricane Center has warned of a “dangerous” gale storm expected near a hurricane’s landing and can see parts of the Louisiana coast up to 11 feet of water. Coupled with this will be strong winds and rain that are likely to lead to “major flash floods” in parts of Louisiana on Friday and Saturday. He said.
“While we intend to get to you as quickly as possible if you need rescue or any other help, you should plan as if the first 72 hours are on you,” Edwards He said.

Several communities, including Cameron Parish and Calcasieu Parish – where Lake Charles is located – have mandatory evacuation orders in effect.

A hurricane warning is in effect for High Island, Texas, to Morgan City, Louisiana, and storm warnings are in effect for parts of Texas to Mississippi, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Shackleford said up to 10 inches of rain is expected through Saturday in parts of southern and central Louisiana, with some areas expected to see up to 15 inches of water.

Bang Boy sets up his HandMart company as Hurricane Delta approaches in Abbeville, Louisiana, on Thursday

“I am packing to leave again.”

And in a final evacuation call, Lake Charles Mayor Nick Hunter said Thursday afternoon that city employees would move “heaven and earth” to help evacuate anyone who wanted to leave the city before the storm.

“We have finally reached a moment in time where it will not be safe to exit anymore,” Hunter said. A video message has been posted on Facebook. “Think of you and your family. It is our strong request that you respond to advice and leave.”
Traffic jam on a westbound I-10 amid evacuations ahead of Hurricane Delta on Thursday in Lake Charles, Louisiana
In Cameron, Louisiana, Leona told Polion CNN Affiliate KPRC Her home had survived Hurricane Laura, but she wasn’t sure if she’d be lucky this time.

“I am packing up again,” Paulion told the subsidiary. “I just hope I have something to go back to.”

Local leaders also warned of the possibility of hurricanes, which could come during Friday over parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, according to Hurricane Center.

A tropical storm warning was in effect in parts of Texas and Louisiana, including New Orleans, with Mayor Latoya Cantrell saying she was “very concerned about” the possibility of hurricanes.

She said, according to CNN’s affiliate CNN: “We are not in a cone, but again, we expect to feel the strong impacts associated with Hurricane Delta.” WDSU. “Tropical storm winds, this is also a major concern, the potential precipitation and flooding is what we expect.”

Mississippi National Guard resources ready

Meanwhile, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said Thursday that the state has sent resources to help communities and will also deploy National Guard resources if needed.

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Officials there also warned of the possibility of hurricanes in the state, as well as heavy rain.

“We expect the storm, or at least the remainder of its eye will only spend about 30 hours in Mississippi,” Reeves said. “During that time, we would expect torrential rains, of up to four to six inches, in the southwest counties, and possibly some of the western delta counties on the Mississippi River.”

Earlier this week, the governor declared a state of emergency “in anticipation of damage” and urged residents to “prepare for the worst.”

In Texas, Public Safety Responsible Residents across the coast are urged to prepare for severe weather conditions, including strong winds and local floods. The governor said earlier this week that the state had prepared resources so it was ready to respond.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a press release: “Texas should continue on the trajectory of this storm to heed the guidance and direction of local officials, remain vigilant, and remember – turn around, don’t drown.”

The CDC warns of carbon monoxide poisoning

Before the storm, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned doctors and clinics of the need to watch out for carbon monoxide poisoning.

People often turn on gas generators, charcoal or gas grills, and propane appliances when the power goes out after a storm, and these devices can generate carbon monoxide – an invisible, odorless, and lethal gas.

The CDC said in a warning this week: “If used or placed incorrectly, these sources can lead to the accumulation of carbon monoxide inside buildings, garages or camps and poisoning the people and animals inside them.”

Health officials said at least nine deaths related to Hurricane Laura in Louisiana were the result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Last month.

“These devices should never be used inside an enclosed space, house, basement, garage, or camping cart – or even outside near an open window or window air conditioner,” the CDC said.

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CNN’s Maggie Fox and Hera Humayun contributed to this report.

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