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How much does the President of the United States earn?

Today, January 20, 2021, Joe Biden He takes office in the White House and officially begins his tenure 46th President of the United States of America. Among the many curiosities that elevate this role from the utmost position is the economic component: How much he earns President of the United States, who is for many the strongest man in the world? We tried to evaluate this aspect a little.

How is the salary of the President of the United States changing
Of course, it cannot be the president himself who determines his wages.

It actually is Congress To do this and my first curiosity related to changes – always up to date – of the shape in question. Yes, because the salary increase never affects the incumbent president, but it applies to the next president, as defined in Article Two, Section 1, Section 7 From the American Constitution.

The last “salary adjustment” was passed in early 2001 while Bill Clinton was in the White House; So it was his successor who took over the same year, George W. Bush, who got exactly twice the salary of his predecessor. In 2001, in fact, the president’s salary passed $ 200,000 to $ 400,000 a year. Since 1789, the year George Washington, the first president of the United States, was elected, there have been only five increases in the total.

Is $ 400,000 a lot or a little for a role that has heavy responsibilities and requires total dedication? Hard to say, but according to CNBC Such a salary relates only to1% of the United States population It is almost Ten times the average salary For an American worker, that’s about $ 45,000 a year.

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After salary …
There’s more: other elements of the benefits package for the President of the United States. Like his predecessors, in fact, Joe Biden will be able to count annually on a $ 50,000 expense fund, a $ 100,000 travel account (tax free) and one $ 19,000 to dedicate to spare time and spare time. In short, there are no economic advantages to add to other benefits, including the White House (in Gallery At the beginning of the article you will find some details about the presidential headquarters.)

Sometimes the good will come later
From a purely economic point of view, many presidents have reaped the best results after the presidency. Yes, because all former White House tenants keep and obtain the United States payroll $ 200,000 annual pension In addition to a health insurance policy. Thinking about it, bearing in mind that the burden of institutional obligations is significantly lighter, it can be said that the best from this point of view comes at the end of the mandate.

Also because in addition to retirement, many former American presidents are also earning astronomical numbers with books (such as ObamaAnd the Promised Land, Was published recently in Italy by Garzanti) And conferences. to me CNNClinton would have earned more $ 75 million Thanks to the public speeches delivered after the presidency.

What American presidents don’t get
Strange thatClothesNo president wears dresses, shirts, or jackets. They generally have to buy everything out of their pockets, he explains Interested in the business, They don’t even accept them as gifts from stylists; The few exceptions in this sense relate to unusual occasions and after wearing the specified dress, this is for the National Archives.

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Heart head
There has been no shortage of presidents in the history of the United States who donated a portion of their salaries. Among them was Donald Trump, who was to transfer his salary to some state departments, including the Department of Health and Transportation. Before him, Herbert Hoover and John F Kennedy donated some of their presidential income to charity.

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