Hold this position for 1 minute and everything passes, try!

Exercise can help a lot with your health, too. Hold this position for 1 minute and everything passes, try!


there The autumn It is upon us and the desire to resume training is great. However, this winter was very heavy, and many allowed themselves to be tempted by a sedentary lifestyle. So, shooting is more difficult than usual joint pain They make everything more complicated for us.

However it sports He can extend his hand not only to the physical aspect but also, if not above all, tomental side. In fact, there are exercises that mainly contribute to the fight against stress. Hold this position for 1 minute And everything passes.

Hold this position for 1 minute and fight stress

to do physical exercise It can really be helpful to face the days with more calm and mental flexibility. In fact, hard working or studying days can lead us to accumulate a large amount of StressWhich leads us gradually to the explosion.

Therefore, many details can help us Eastern specialtiesWhich helps us to relax and clear our minds. In particular, the use of yogaa system that can be a good ally of body and mind.

that it’millennial art It is practiced by millions of people around the world. It features various versions that are rooted in ancient traditions and rooted in many parts of the East. Among these ishatha yogacharacterized by a greater concern for the physical part of the general discipline.

In this article we want to show you a specific exercise: Hold this position for 1 minute and combat stress.

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Exercise is to take one a certain character of discipline, called “Mandukasanaor, more commonly,frog positionIt consists of a particularly complete exercise that can help us release tension accumulated due to stress.

The exercise consists of Sit on your knees on a smooth surface. Then you have to put your hands on the ground and then Align your knees On the hands and shoulders. Once your torso is parallel to the ground, you will have to maintain your neck and back perfectly straight.

Once you take the right attitude, you will have to Lower abdomen and start same Deeply, without making any effort. Many agree that this exercise, if practiced every day, will save a lot benefits For body and mind.

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