Giant coral discovered 10 meters high, more than 400 years old – News

The most impressive reef has been discovered in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: dome-style, 10 meters wide and 5 meters high, and during more than four centuries of life, it has overcome all kinds of threats, from hurricanes to invasions of alien species, from human activities Even global warming. Recognized off the coast of Orpheus Island (Goolboodi) by a group of divers participating in a citizen science research project, its name has been changed to Muga dhambi, which means “big coral reef”. His study, published in Scientific Reports, will improve knowledge and protection of coral reefs, true sanctuaries of marine biodiversity built into calcium carbonate by thousands of small polyps.

Giant coral reef Muga Dhambe off Orvero Island in Australia (Source: Woody Spark)

Muga dambi belongs to the genus Buret and, according to surveys conducted by divers last March, is the largest and sixth longest coral in the Great Barrier Reef. Its formation was supposed to begin between 421 and 438 years ago, and thus before the arrival of the first European explorers in Australia.

The researchers ensure that Muga Dhambi is in excellent health: it shows no signs of bleaching or disease and 70% of live corals are still inhabited, concentrated primarily along the sides of the colony. On the other hand, on the top of the dome, other marine creatures make their way, such as Cliona viridis sponges and green algae.

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