Fiumicino, lost property at the airport today to auction

Rome – Anton was supposed to be an artist. The deep gentle look. Long blonde hair. Somebody His ashes were lost at Fiumicino Airportwithout asking for them back.

And so Anton rested now – not quite in peace – In a hangar rented by the airport in a commercial area near Ponte GalleriaIn the countryside south of Rome. All items lost at the airport are collected here. 100 days on average. Fifty grand in a year and a half, a huge amount.

When the epidemic slowed down, people started traveling again, flying. And to lose nothing, in the pit stops: deceased relatives, like poor Anton; Cash (€8,000,000, all-time record in Rome), original Rolex watches, fake Rolex watches, inflatable dolls, vibrators, electric saws, trumpets, guitars, children’s bicycles, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, endless bags and trolleys .

Auction Announcement

closed box

The barn of lost possessions – although it is 700 square meters in size – is packed. So much so that the Rome court – for the second time in four monthsDesignates the Judicial Sales Institute To advertise an electronic auction. For sale, from today until March 23rd, there are all assets that have been unclaimed for thirteen months. Luggage included.

Auction to win bags Some games seem to be on TV. Let’s take No. 31 for the auction that starts today. Offered 12 bags (twelve dozen) offered at auction base of €30. Small problem: the bags are sealed and their contents are unknown. Buyers only know that it contains “clothing and accessories”, nothing more. They can give money, and collect, sure; But they will do it without being seen.

The only guarantee – explains Mauro Danielo, one of the directors of the custodial service – is that you will not find inside the bags, Hole socks or rotten cheese. All lost bags are passed through a metal detector to ensure they do not contain dangerous items. Then it is opened and freed from dirty laundry and perishable food.


Dozens of smart phones

Massimo Illariochi, CEO, tells us Now in charge of security in Fiumicino, on behalf of Aeroporti di Roma: “Beyond the bags, every day we find smartphones, tablets and computers at the airport. From these devices we delete all data, to protect the privacy of those who lost it. Then we hand it over to an appraiser to assess its value “.

As a rule, a judicial sales organization consolidates several electronic devices. Lot 40 offers, for example, 25 iPads Auction base 100 euros. Here too, the actual condition of the discs is not clear. They are even classified as “spare parts”. But for many buyers, that’s exactly the beauty of it.

Ilariucci says again: “Before Covid, auctions were held in attendance, in a room rented to the municipality of Fiumicino. People arrived here and enjoyed bidding blindly, not knowing what they would get.” Others were stall trade specialists, street vendors in Rome’s Porta Portez and Via Sannio markets, looking for a bargain.

FUMICINO SAFE that keeps lost money

voluntary losses

Illariochi also has the identity of a traveler who has lost one of his possessions. In recent months, many commuters – unaccustomed to travel – have found themselves distracted. At some airports around the world, the chaos that erupted as people began flying together again has subsided.

In this climate, many people lose even the most important things. Argentinian tourist leaving Rome, He left a fanny pack with 8,000 euros in cash at the airport (It was later recovered by Italian relatives with his delegation). In a secret safe at the airport, there are VIPs in dollars, rupees and yen.

Then there too Which reaches the point of ascending with something huge (son’s tricycle, musical instrument, washing machine, camping tent) and must pay attention to the harsh reality. The airline, in order to get it started, is asking for a lot of money. It’s less painful to part with that good, and leave it in a corner at the airport than to pay the company a lot of money to take it with you.

Missing possessions: Camping washing machine

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