Eddie Izzard says she will use the pronouns “he / she”

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If you are planning to cheer Eddie Izzard Through it Run the Hope Project, Or yell with a helpful suggestion while showing her stance (just kidding, don’t do it; even the cute teasing is terrible), consider the British comedian Is now used The pronouns “she” and “she” are exclusive, a fact that Izzard discussed Thursday on Sky Arts TV. Portrait Artist of the Year.

“I’m trying to do things that I think are interesting,” she reportedly said, when asked about participating in the show, which features contestants painting famous people like Isard. “This is the first program that I asked if I could be a” she “and a” she. “This is a small transition period.” The comedian says, “Well, it feels great because people assume … they only know me before, but I feel fluid gendered. I just want to be on girl status from now on.”

Izzard, who previously described herself as a heterosexual fluid, discussed the topic of transsexuality in her 2017 diary Trust me: a diary of love, death, and jazz chicken. Humorist He said to Hollywood Reporter In June of that year,If you go out as a transsexual, gay or lesbian, these are a difficult ritual to pass and seek. It attacks your senses because at the age of 85, everyone said: No, no. Hide from it. I just thought they were wrong. The period of humiliation, the initial period, is very difficult. If you continue to do so, you will get better. “

she also He told NPR That summer, her public “confusion” stems from breaking society’s expectations about sex. She explained: “He was banned from appearing in 1985, when he appeared 32 years ago as a transgender.” Or, I was a ‘TV’ when I came out. The language has changed over the years, transsexual / TV, transgender / TS, we are now transgender and transgender. So, I came out in 1985, and it was very difficult to go out and find a way out, and lock in your life “.

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