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Chef Enzo Fiore for the prestigious ensemble of Disciples d’Escoffier

A prestigious celebration in Naples, where the delegate of Campania, jockey and executive chef Nicola Di Filippo was organized, where the most prestigious teams of the international order of students of Auguste Escoffier were handed over. The inauguration ceremony, which took place in the “Villa Locrizio” on the Posillipo Hill, in celebration of the new Campania group and the professional chefs with a title associated with the memory of the famous master of French and world gastronomy, put again the noble “Ordre” which has been operating since 1954 in the name of gastronomic culture and cuisine that has risen to the level of Science.

Among the 52 newly crowned prestigious Red Bands, who have arrived directly from England for the occasion, is also Head Chef Enzo Fiori for “O curniciello” restaurant in Lansing, West Sussex. He is the son of Armando Fiori, the well-known resident chef of the historic restaurant “Il sarago” and maker of “Bucatini alla Squaquecchia” whom Diego Armando Maradona loved so much.

At the Villa Lucrezio in Naples I was promoted with the title of ‘disciple’ of the King of Chefs, the great master of world cuisine Georges Auguste Escoffier. – says Shepherd Chef Enzo Fiori – For me, it was such an honor to have the red “Shepherd Chef” scarf. I would like to thank the European President of Escoffier Disciples, Pierre Alain Favre, the Head of the Campania delegation, Chef Nicolas de Filippo, and the Secretary of the Campania delegation, Tina “White” Bianco. For this occasion, I met a wonderful friend and mentor like Executive Chef Antonio Sorrentino.”

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Moving to the UK, and opening “O curniciello” in Lancing, West Sussex on October 30, 2020, Fiore has brought true Italian and Neapolitan culinary traditions to the UK: “Our products, the ones that we use daily to prepare our dishes, come exclusively from our BelPaese, and with a blend of ingredients and traditions rooted in our culture, dishes that have managed to conquer the crowd appear here at Lancing.” We have been in the UK for about a year – Fiore continues – In this period, despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic, we have enjoyed great satisfaction from customers. Many people immediately became fond of us and our products, and in the meantime, we can see how Neapolitan and Italian cuisine enjoys success and advantages even in faraway places. After obtaining the certificate obtained by Asacert, by which we obtained the “golden” assessment of the exclusive origin of our products from Italy, another great proof of recognition and merit has arrived. In fact, “Guru” rewards us for our restaurant’s ability to climb the rankings in just a few months. We are really happy and honored. For this, I can only thank my wife Abeer and my cousin Marielina for the work done with me and for the continuous support they have given to our project.”

Last September, another satisfied Fiori: the Campania region sent him a letter signed by the chancellors Antonio Marcello (production activities, labor, state property and heritage) and Armida Filippelli (training), with compliments for “giving cooking lessons about the art of pizza to students of the Great English College” , the metropolis of Brighton, using only products typical of the agricultural food production of Campania.” Meanwhile, Fiore has also become a teacher in England, teaching students of the University of Brighton how to make delicious Neapolitan pizza. But only with the Campania products of his choice, including flour And not only that: in cooperation with Saverio Mela and with the participation of Gennaro Tommaso, Lino Fiore, Salvatore De Angelis, Saverio Ciampi and Cristian Riccio, the “open” school at Worthing College was opened for all those who wish to learn the art of pizza. In chronological order only, he is now enthroned as “Escoffier’s Disciple”: Fiore’s rise continues.

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