Cell phone, if it ever ends up in water, this is the solution: it only takes a few minutes

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Smartphone fell into the water – passion for technology

Over the past few years, we have seen great progress from a technological point of view, which has brought about changes in the entire world of technology.

One of the most important changes in this regard is the introduction of smartphones, which have changed many of our habits. We usually divide smartphones into three large categories, starting first and foremost with the top of the range, led by Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14 Pro in recent months respectively.

They are then followed by mid-range smartphones, for those who are not looking for who knows performance in terms of computing power and camera sensor, followed immediately by low-cost smartphones, suitable instead for those who have no special needs at all.

No matter which major categories they may belong to, all smartphones share a common feature that unites them all: water connectivity. In fact, this can be dangerous in certain situations, but fortunately over the years we have seen great improvements from this point of view, as we have reached smartphones that are waterproof in the truest sense of the word, which also withstand several meters of depth, without being damaged in any way. Today we will show you in the smallest detail how to act if your smartphone has fallen into the water, in order to avoid any subsequent problems.

Indeed, it can happen to everyone that in a small moment of distraction the smartphone can fall into the water, even if only for a few seconds. Don’t worry, nothing is lost in this case: first of all, we give you some advice on what not to do and what to avoid. In any case, avoid trying to dry your smartphone with a hair dryer or other heat source, as this can further damage the circuits inside, resulting in irreparable damage.

Useful Tips

In addition, avoid trying to blow the water away, because in this case it could be able to reach even the deepest parts of the smartphone, also causing irreparable damage. First of all, if your smartphone accidentally comes into contact with water, make sure that you hold it vertically, so that the water can go down and not go further inside the smartphone.

Also avoid trying to run it during the initial moments of recovery, because even then irreparable damage may be done.

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Smartphone in rice – technology passion

The solution is represented by one A bowl of ricePlace your smartphone inside the rice You will gradually be able to absorb all the remaining moisture is inside. Leave your smartphone immersed for at least a day, and then try to turn it on again. In most cases, your smartphone will turn on again as if nothing had happened, thus you will have managed to save it without spending more money on buying a new smartphone.

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