Callisto Protocol, ex-developers excluded from credits to the surprise of many –

Apparently about twenty Ex developers to Callisto protocol She was left out of the credits Of the game even though they contributed to its creation, in some cases in an important way because there are great developers among these names.

As you will recall, Glenn Schofield acknowledged the crisis during the development of the Callisto Protocol, and specifically in light of similar situations, the question was Particularly painful For developers who are not mentioned.

“It definitely hurts,” says one source. “he is one disgust. You made a good contribution and worked for it [molto tempo]. Not being there at all is bad.”

While it’s not uncommon for developers who leave a project before it’s completed to be denied credits, sources confirm that The studio did not inform employees of this policy.

One describes the people excluded from the credits as “excellent” employees: in fact, they seem to be With the exception of some senior developers, managers and directors who have made significant contributions, including people who have worked on Striking Distance for over a year or who worked with Striking Distance CEO Glen Schofield at their previous studio, Sledgehammer Games. Another described some of the people cut from the credits as “really pivotal people who built the studio.”

“I understand if a contractor does a small amount of work for a few months and gets fired, but are we talking about it? Full-time employees who have invested more than one year in the title and who contributed to important parts of the product,” says one of the developers. This is where the surprise for many of us came from. ”

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Sources also indicated Inconsistency in how “hitting distance” distributes the credits. Some former staff members are listed in the credits as “extra” help in their departments, others are placed in the “miscellaneous” category at the end of the roughly 20-minute credits, while others are left out entirely.

A source also says that, in his opinion, the people added in the credits have been done It was chosen mostly on the basis of sympathy: If this is true, then it is clearly very incorrect and unsuitable behavior for a team of this type.

We also inform International Game Developers Association It is suggested that all team members who have worked for the company for at least 30 days, including contractors, be registered, and that the names of contributors who have left the game be kept before launch. Obviously not an obligation, but according to many it would be the most honest solution.

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