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Britain’s exit from the European Union, since January it is impossible to transfer British driving licenses in Italy

From 1 January 2021, after the UK left the European Union, driving licenses across the Canal can no longer be converted into Italian driving permits: this was determined last January 8, with a circular, by Motorization. After recalling that on December 31, the transitional period that allowed, after the Brexit referendum of 2017, the application of EU legislation to British documents, the Directorate General of the Ministry of Transport determined that it was “already on its way – in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport”. Foreign affairs – specific negotiations with British authorities to restore mutual recognition of driver’s licenses, for the purpose of transfer, between Italy and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In short, the lump should only be temporary. Civilian auto sources revealed that between March and April, the agreement, which has been in discussions since last fall, should be signed.

Examinations only for those who transfer residency. However, until the reciprocity agreement is signed, those who have a permit issued in the United Kingdom, if they wish to obtain an Italian driver’s license or any other country in the European Union, must obtain it from scratch, that is, take theory and evidence. All of this, of course, only concerns people who move to Italy. Nothing changes for those who hold a British driver’s license, and are traveling temporarily or occasionally in Italy. In this case, the British driver’s license is fully valid.

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