Breathing resumes before organ harvesting

Doctors declared him brain dead, but Louis Roberts, an 18-year-old Englishman, resumed breathing and moved his eyelids before turning off the machines that kept him alive and harvesting organs. An incredible story to tell Sun It comes from the Royal Stock University Hospital, in Staffordshire, UK.

Lewis’ nightmare began on March 13 when he ended up in hospital in critical condition after being hit by a pickup truck in his hometown of Lake. Despite the commitment of the health staff, the 18-year-old seemed hopeless; The doctors had already called the Roberts family to report the sad decision and finally say goodbye. The parents decided to donate the boy’s organs, which would have saved seven lives. But fate had on Lewis’ mind that on March 18, a few hours before the organ removal surgery began, he resumed breathing on his own and closed his eyes.

“Wow, even the hospital staff couldn’t believe the miracle they witnessed”: These are the words his sister Jade shared on social media. Since that day Lewis’ condition has only improved: now Lewis moves his eyes, mouth, and head. A startling progress, seen in the last video posted on Facebook, where the 18-year-old’s family urges him to breathe. again and again.

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