Bethesda wanted Microsoft to buy it three years ago, says Michael Pachter –

Bethesda Wanted to be Buyer Give Microsoft Previously Three years ago, According to analyst Michael Pachter in a word on the SIFTD Games video podcast.

We know that the announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda was announced last September and that the process was officially completed a few days ago, but it appears that for some time the publisher has been developing an ambition to join part of the family X-Box.

“I was talking to some people from Bethesda at an event three years ago and they asked me ‘Do you think Electronic Arts Could you buy us? I replied, “Yes, they can.” So they asked me, “Do you think Microsoft can buy us?” And I replied, “I think it will be.” Guess much betterBacher said.

So they said, ‘We think so too! Look, she goes and says A. Phil Spencer To buy us? ‘And I literally went to Phil and told him there were these guys from Bethesda who wanted to talk to him, They wanted him to buy the company. “

The analyst added jokingly, “I was there saying it laughing, but then it really happened. I’m taking the credit!” “Bethesda asked me to do it because They really wanted to be a part of Microsoft. The reason is that Phil is a wonderful person, and he treats his developers well. “

Spoils died, Who runs studios, well, there’s no nice guy on earth than him. I think Microsoft is known to treat its employees well and that is why everyone wants to work there. “

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You can see the part where Pachter talks about this wallpaper starting at 5:45 am Video Here below.

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