Tech Launcher will close, and everything will be moved to Steam –

Bethesda Today he announced that he plans to Close the official launcherMoving All on Steam Through a completely painless migration of users, who will find all their properties within the Valve platform.

In fact, this is news that was very favorably received by a large number of users: the player has never been so appreciated among computer users, due to the general slowness in downloads, content management and above all for the fact that it is another program that should remain open To access some specific games.

The most positive thing is the decision to transfer all the contents and elements of the Launcher account directly to Steam through a single account. immigration Which should happen automatically and without loss of property. This means that with the player closed, users will still find all owned games on within their Steam library, along with any additional content purchased and also Remaining money in walletwhich must be transferred directly to Steam one.

Bethesda will be publishing more information in the coming weeks, but there is already one Official Page Which roughly explains how to do the procedure: starting in April, users will be able to start implementing the migration process, with more detailed instructions arriving at the beginning of the month. In the meantime, you can find the official FAQ A this is the address.

Of course, this means that even upcoming games like Starfield, as well as future games like The Elder Scrolls VI won’t have anything to do with the launcher, but will go straight to Steam and Game Pass.

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