Zuckerberg in Turin hosted by John Elkann: The reason has been revealed

Turin – Marker Zuckerberg He and his wife Priscilla spent the day in Turin, touring the streets of the center and visiting, in addition to the Egyptian Museum, the historic Pirano chocolate shop. On their entire tour, the couple was accompanied by John Elkannthe former president of the Fiat Group and now the president of Exor (the holding company of the Agnelli family that controls Juventus) and Stellantis. Inside the laboratory of the confectionery company, founded in the capital of Piedmont in 1915, the Facebook creator and his partner were greeted with a special surprise: a one-off set to make hot chocolate both in the physical world and in both the metaverse. In fact, Peyrano celebratedThe love between Zuckerberg and Priscillawhich began (as the couple tells us) in front of a cup of hot chocolate, in honor of two of their “interoperable hot chocolates”, i.e. a group containing mugs and chocolates: For the physical world, they were hand-drawn with their last names, for the digital world, two NFTs were created in the style of the popular CryptoPunk on the Open Sea digital platform. “The challenge will be understanding How to bring these amazing fragrances to Metaverse. The technology hasn’t been developed yet as well as for the optics, but we’ll get there”Zuckerberg happily noted that, having also visited Siena in recent days, he left for Milan.

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