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Zoe Baxtedt He wins the online test for cycling world championship reserved for class juniors. The British were the authors of the race as the ultimate protagonist with a brave attack from a distance and in a quick sprint overcame the American Kaia Schmid Going to win the gold medal. To close the German podium Linda Redman The blue ones are far away.

The first part of the race was marked by a small platoon attack that required great effort by the Italians to shut it down, and reunited about 50 kilometers from the finish. Kaia Schmid (US) e Zoe Baxtedt (UK) After a series of attempts they managed to take off with about 33.

Behind the fugitives is a small group with our group Eleonora Chabucco and Francesca Paralli. Baxtedt and Schmid They have another move and there is nothing opponents can do. As mentioned in the sprint race, the British show all their qualities, putting the British in the back.

In the group race that played the bronze was the best Redman At 57 inches from the winner. The best of blue Siabuku Who had to settle for the ninth place. Paral He crossed the line in fourteenth place. More back from Grandis NS Cypress It ranks 30th and 36th, respectively.

Photo: UCI

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