Zeta Halo and Promethean animals discovered in game files –

Other secrets emerge, possibly related to cut contentbetween the infinite auraespecially with regard to the presence Animals Zeta Halo and Prometheanswhich already appears to have templates and animations ready to be included in the game.

This is all part of what was previously reported by the developers themselves, with director Joseph Statin also confirming how many elements of Halo Infinite, particularly the campaign, were eliminated or reduced during the game’s long development.

On the other hand, the contents discovered among the files seem to match some of the elements already shown in the 2018 Halo Infinite ad trailer, when the Zeta Halo presented itself somewhat differently, with more diverse environments, animals, and more. Elements. Natural contour.

In particular, as indicated in the above tweet, the presence of a file crusher, who are savage bipedal aliens, who were clearly trained by the exiles to become fighters, due to the presence of thick armor applied to the body. However, there also appears to be an unarmored version, indicating their original presence also as wild animals around the map.

Even the fake rhinoceros seen in the 2018 trailer appears to have been around and there are still some traces left, but the animation for these is still incomplete. Among the other things that have obviously been removed are also Prometheans, a faction that doesn’t exist in Halo Infinite but that was apparently originally planned. Traces of three types of units were found: soldiers, guards, and knights, each with specific weapons, armor, and abilities different from the others.

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All these elements make it easy to understand how a file works The Halo Infinite campaign was different From what we saw in the last game it is possible to recover at least some of these features through DLC or expansions, but there is no official information on this at the moment.

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