Zero raises, the salary will be lower

there January salary For some Civil servants Sarah minimum Compared to what was received last December: This applies to even those with a lump sum salary 2692 euroswhich in the current month The normal contribution rate will apply again Clear 2% rest It was introduced in 2022 by decree aid bis and confirmed by the last budget law for the entire year 2023.

Internal sources a nuibaIndeed, it revealed – as was already expected – that before applying the changes introduced by the 2023 Budget Law to payroll, they were expecting Related instructions from INPS. And it doesn’t matter if the 2% dilution is just an affirmation or not: It will cease to be recognized Until the arrival of relevant information from the institute.

The same applies to those for whom the contribution exemption rate has been raised from 2% to 3% starting January 1, 2023, i.e. for payment notices the total amount of which does not exceed 1923 euros: Also in this case, although the reduction in the tax wedge will take effect from January, it will be necessary to wait for its implementation.

for the same reason There will be no salary increase That the 2023 Budget Law recognizes all public servants pending the formalization of the contract renewal for a period of three years 2022-2024: a 1.5% more On the pay slip, calculated on the gross salary scale, which, however, is not yet ripe.

Because January’s salary may be less than last December

For civil servants, as well as for those employed in the private sector, with salaries in a taxable lump sum of less than €2,692, as of July 2022, there is Reduce the contribution rate Side depends to an extent 2%.

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The normal rate is equal8.80% This was the case in the case of employees working in state administrations decreased to 6.80% resulting in increases in net salary.

As expected, this relief was also confirmed for the current year by the 2023 Budget Law, thus becoming 3% For those salaries of less than 1923 euros; In this case, therefore, the applicable subscription rate is reduced to 5.80%.

However, the normal rate of 8.80% will be applied again to the January 2023 payslip, regardless of the salary amount: the reason, as mentioned above, relates to No INPS publication with the instructions for the 2023 contribution exemption, which Noipa will rely on before proceeding with the payroll recalculation.

The difference can be rather significant, depending on the amount received: for example, for a salary of 2,000 euros we are talking about 40 euros less, while for those who take 2,500 we are talking about 50 euros.

It should be noted that the request for relief, even if it has been postponed for a few months (in fact, the times when all the steps will be completed are not clear), It will not affect the pockets of the parties involved. In any case, in fact, the exemption starts from January 2023, and once it is applied to the paycheck, the arrears for the previous months will also be recognized.

No increase in the salaries of civil servants in January

The same applies to the 1.5% increase in salary approved by the 2023 Budget Law in its favour All public servantsRegardless of the salary received.

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This increase is also effective from January 2023; However, in the absence of an Inps post, there would be no news from Noipa. Hence the increase in the question postponed to the next few months: Once the Noipa receives the necessary instructions, it will move to recalculation of payslips with proportional adjustment for the following months.

Thus, the salary increase of civil servants is not in danger: but those who expected the news as early as January will be disappointed, because there will probably be several months to wait. And in the meantime, we will have to accept a salary even lower than the previous one.

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