Zelda cosplay from Missflamingo takes us back into the game –

Let’s see prof Disguise Dependent Zelda From The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the Wild Made by Italian cosplayer, missflamingo.cosplay. It’s a very strict interpretation of personality both for the outfit, full of interesting details, and for the setting. For the occasion, a beautiful horse was also hired, ready to shoot with the costume maker.

Quality picks made Italian photographer Jardani Angelica, who also took on the photo editing business. Really great job, on all levels.

Speaking of the character, we think that Zelda does not need a lot of introduction on these pages, as she is the heroine of one of the most famous series. NintendoHe was born in the eighties and came down to us, one masterpiece after another.

If you can’t breathe without a cosplay, go and see Tifa cosplay by eeelyeee, cosplay from Lady Dimitrescu by Livia De Luca, Daniela Dimitrescu’s cosplay by Lada Lyumos, Tanjero vs. Spider-Mom by Akemi101, Lady Dreamitrisco cosplay by Yayahan and Himiko Toga’s cosplay from Realm The seas, in order to add joy to your life.

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