Zed chat bot to talk to operator

Dazn problems can be resolved through the Zed chat bot. The operator will provide assistance and explain the steps to follow in order to reach a positive solution.

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The Football season from Seria A. It just started and with it also the first disagreements. Many users have He complained about the difficulties in receiving signals and criticized the platform Streaming dozen. It’s helpful to know that if you intend to report transmission issues or if you would like to receive assistance, you can contact Zed chatbot And speak directly with an operator. The chat is located in the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – section on the platform portal where different solutions to different problems are available.

Zed chatbot solution to dzen problems

Do you want to solve problems independently to save time or contact the operator to direct them towards a solution? Dozen offers its customers the opportunity to do just that both ways. The FAQ section includes a number of Frequently Asked Questions that you can scroll through and personally identify the problem detected on the streaming platform. Read the answer will be possible Eliminate the problem quickly without having to resort to an operator.

If the difficulty cannot be solved by FAQ, Dazn makes it available to subscribers It is a chat bot. We are talking about a chat service that both customers who have already signed a contract and users who want to connect with can communicate receive information before signing.

How to chat with Zed

Zed chatbot is a fruit From a very powerful algorithm Which develops daily with user questions and can find the answer in FAQ quickly and efficiently. NS Start chatting It will be necessary to click on the item “Chat with us” – the yellow button at the bottom right of the screen – and then select the desired topic or enter the question related to your problem.

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The virtual assistant Zed will provide the relevant answer by selecting it from the FAQ. Chat can also be started Via the dozen app Open the menu from your smartphone or tablet. The path includes selecting the “About Us” section and then “Chatting with Us”.

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Is it possible to talk to a real worker?

Zed chat bot allows you to communicate non-default operator If you need more specific help resolving a problem not listed in the FAQ. To start a conversation with the operator you will need to write the sentence “talk to someone” And wait for the first free assistant to reply to the chat.

We remind you what are the alternatives to chat Mail (by writing to [email protected]) and social networks with a private chat on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter comments.

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