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Z Quest 2 and the Free game Available on Epic Games Store For the day, December 17, 2022as part of the daily gifts initiative that Epic Games is also organizing this year on the occasion of Christmas.

Also in this case, the leak already leaked in the last few hours is confirmed, with the fantastic adventure of Double Fine thus representing the new gift of the day, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in this excellent title with a decidedly more autumnal atmosphere. birthday.

run out downloadsas always, it’s very simple: you just need to visit Free games page on the Epic Game Store, click on the Costume Quest 2 banner and then on the “Get” button, and log in normally to the platform using your credentials. At this point the title will enter our library and will stay there forever.

So the Epic Games Store Advent Calendar continues to be released with another title that is not of great dimensions but still has a certain significance, with this excellent game that mixes elements of adventure and RPG, able to once again show the originality and brilliance of Double Fine. Different types and atmospheres.

Also in this case, the great narrative depth is enriched by the playful and ironic tone of the team involved, making us the protagonists of a very special adventure.

Costume Quest 2 offers an amazing adventure that takes place on Halloween night, when a group of kids find themselves getting special powers based on the use of different costumes. The game mixes the elements of adventure and RPG-style combat, all in a very special atmosphere, between fantasy and realism.

Explore timeless spooky landscapes, dress up in cool new costumes that transform you into a mighty warrior this Halloween, collect spooky candy stickers and use them to battle a group of cleanliness-obsessed villains.

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