Yoweri Museveni is re-elected President of Uganda

The Ugandan Election Commission, Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled the country for 35 years, said: Re-elected president With nearly 59 percent of the vote, he denied there was any fraud as the opposition claims. Museveni’s main competitor, singer and Representative Bobby Wayne, received 35 percent of the vote according to the Electoral Commission. The election Held on ThursdayAfter an eventful and violent election campaign, dozens of people and Bobby Wayne himself were killed He was arrested He was beaten by the army several times. The Electoral Commission said 52 percent of the 18 million eligible voters voted.

Friday Bobi Wine (real name Robert Kyagulanyi) he wrote He said on Twitter that the Ugandan army had “taken control” of his home, adding, “We are in serious trouble. We are trapped.” His party says Wayne is currently under de facto house arrest. Reuters The army that surrounded Wayne’s possessions protects him from dangers that may run out of them: “This is for his safety.” The military did not allow international journalists who tried to speak to Wayne to enter.

His spokesman Benjamin Katana Tell Al Jazeera The election result will be challenged in the manner stipulated in Ugandan law. Previously, Wayne said he’d release video evidence of election fraud as soon as social networks – that’s the government He was banned January 12th In anticipation of the elections and still stalled – they returned to work. Wayne accused the government of restricting the Internet to block communications and endanger the smooth running of the elections.

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At the moment, it is not so easy to rebuild fraud and infractions, as well as to block the Internet. With the exception of AMISOM, there were no international bodies to monitor the conduct of the vote. The United States organized a diplomatic mission for this purpose, but was forced to cancel it because most of the mission’s personnel did not obtain permission to access the polling stations.

Some observers reported problems observing the vote. he wrote News agencyFor example, Charity Ahimbisibwe, a woman at the head of the main Ugandan group dealing with checking regularity of voting, was arrested while meeting with some journalists at a hotel in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Ahimbisibwe said she was taken to a police station, but has not been informed of the allegations against her.

With this election victory, Museveni, 76, will start his sixth consecutive term. He took power in 1986 after leading a multi-year armed uprising that toppled the government of Milton Obote. Initially in particular, he succeeded in giving Uganda political stability, and was hailed internationally as a symbol of the new African ruling class. Over the course of his many years of rule, he succeeded in drastically reducing poverty by developing the Ugandan economy. In the 1980s and 1990s, Museveni managed to contain the spread of AIDS and more recently dealt with the Coronavirus epidemic better than others.

Over time, his government became increasingly authoritarian and Museveni weakened other Ugandan institutions to reduce opposition and opposition to his government. The constitutional rules were amended several times to continue his election as president. He was also repeatedly criticized for running the elections with little transparency and for interfering with his opponents.

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