YouTuber discovers he’s familiar with the latest rumors about Ubisoft, admits and apologizes –

The Youtube Dan Allen admitted to being the owner of The Real Insider account, which has been posted by many Rumors Related to games in development, including the latest in Ubisoft Presentation of Assassin’s Creed.

Allen apologized for his behavior as well as it was definitely inappropriate from a professional standpoint. The reason is that he did not find the information by doing who knows any research or making contacts, but he got it from Ubisoft itself, in a presentation to journalists, for which he signed NDA (Privacy Agreement). Instead of complying with the ban, he decided to reveal everything anonymously.

It must be said that it is not a spontaneous awareness, but the result of a great mistake. In short, he was caught and now trying to limit the inevitable damage. How was it discovered? Basically he incorrectly answered, his officer, to a question directed to him The real insider on Twitter.

Realizing the error, Allen tried to delete the messages and accounts, but did not do so in time, because in the meantime some followers took pictures of the answers.

Allen posted an official letter of apology in an effort to save himself, fully aware that he might be in legal trouble for what he did (depending on what is written in the NDA).

Allen: “I apologize to everyone for my actions. I feel ashamed of myself. I will take time to reflect on my unfortunate decisions that will never be repeated. I apologize to everyone who has supported me over the years.”

One of the first responses to his letter came from Jes Corden, who advised him to find a good lawyer. Moreover, for many, apologies are not enough, because they are definitely late. Ubisoft has yet to announce how it intends to proceed.

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