YouTube has paid its creators more than $ 30 billion

Susan Wojcicki revealed the impressive numbers for their YouTube affiliate program. Over the past 36 months, the platform has paid content creators more than $ 30 billion.

for the first time YouTube He entered the details of his file Join the program. YouTubers have been paid more than $ 30 billion Only in the last three years. The number was reported by Platform # 1, Susan Wojcicki, in her message to YouTubers.

This is an impressive number and testifies to the firepower of the world’s largest entertainment and video platform. YouTube also explained that during 2020, the number of channels officially joined Partner program So meet your requirements Video monetization– doubled.

In 2019, YouTube contributed $ 16 billion to the United States’ GDP

In 2019, the message was sent by Susan Wojcicki For content creators, YouTube has contributed nearly $ 16 billion to the GDP of the United States of America. It equates to 345,000 full-time jobs.

Wojcicki then highlighted the platform’s top priorities, beginning with the efforts made for greater transparency. “Given the enormity that YouTube operates, we understand that for Content maker It can be difficult to keep up with any changes made to community guidelines. ”The CEO is obligated to better communicate news to content creators, especially those related to moderation policies.

Wednesday 27 January 2021 – 12:14

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