YouTube caught making leaker admit to inventing rumors –

As we have already reported, known The real insider Revealed: Behind the anonymity, there was a YouTuber Dan Allen, who simply shared information from publishers previously, despite signing a nondisclosure agreement. But now we’ve found out that some of the leaks he shared were simply made up. Specifically, he had He invented rumors about the remake of Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill.

The real insider Share accurate information about Forspoken and the new Assassin’s Creed games, before the announcement of Ubisoft Forward. However, he did not stop there, and also shared information about Konami projects, indicating that they will be shown soon, specifically at the PlayStation event.

Now, however, we found out that Dan Allen simply had a Invented such informationAnd put them in the middle of real leaks. The YouTuber decided to break conventions seeking fame (even if he was anonymous) so we’re not surprised to find out that he was willing to invent information just to make noise.

Of course, the fact that his claims are false does not mean that such projects do not exist. There has been talk for a long time about the new Silent Hill and the return of Metal Gear Solid in a remake/rework format. Dan Allen simply used the public interest in the topic to draw attention to his leaked tweets.

.’s first hintHis tweets are inaccurate However, it has already arrived: As you know, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid were not shown at the State of Play or even at the Tokyo Game Show, which calls into question the veracity of what was revealed.

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It seems strange to say, but we have to hope that other well-known leakers are more honest than The Real Insider.

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