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So far, the prepackaged 730 is a date acquired for Italian taxpayers. In fact, for years the tax officer has been pre-filling Form 730 in place of the taxpayer, which simplifies his life, but with some stakes and interest.

If, on the one hand, the simplified Form 730 satisfies the taxpayer, on the other hand it favors the process of no mediation with the tax officer that makes many accountants impress.

But be careful: even if the state collects the number 730, this does not mean that we are always responsible for calling. In fact, when we dispatch the 730, it is our responsibility that it has been verified anyway, so the responsibility is ours. Let’s see the news and deadlines. The first date to consider is April 30th. Actually, April 30th, but actually we’re probably talking about the following Monday, thus May 2The 2022 model 730 will be available on the INPS website.

You will find all the data

In this preassembler we will find a whole series of data. First of all, there will be the data that has been sent to the Revenue Agency by the various tax withholding agents. So there will be compensation for occasional self-employment, withholding of additional regional or municipal income from dependent work, pensions, etc. All these data converge in one certificate, which is sent by the tax withholding agent. s.Or obviously there will be deductible or deductible fees, hence all those famous discounts that have been talked about a lot lately. But in this item there will also be insurance premiums, interest on mortgages, etc.

Here’s what to check and change

Other data will complete 730 And it will come from different databases, but also from your previous tax return. In fact, the tax administration It can detect and report positive or negative modifications on this 730. There are different ways to file a tax return with the Revenue Agency. can be served In person through remote channels, but can also be submitted through a CAF, accountant or tax withholding agent.

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There is a lot of news this year. In fact, the reward for 75% removal of architectural barriers. Which has been highly acclaimed by associations that protect persons with disabilities and not only. Re-offer the €100 bonus or the Renzi bonus. But the so-called bonus music discounts in addition to those for the first home purchase for those under 36 are also beginning to appear for the first time.

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