You write in Italian, the application translates into perfect English

This Whatsapp trick is really amazing, you must try it! You write in Italian, and the app translates into perfect English: how do you do it.

This hidden secret will allow you to speak English perfectly when chatting on Whatsapp, but it can help you in all languages ​​of the world. You will not be able to do without it anymore, surprise your friends.

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Over the years we have discovered many tricks to personalize and make our Whatsapp experience unique. To keep up with the times and competition, many functions were added (maybe some were unnecessary), others were implemented and so on. For example, let’s think about what this app was like about ten years ago, when it was free on Android but paid for with an annual subscription on iOS. Everything has changed since then.

Once upon a time, the app simply allowed you to send text messages for free, all that was required was an internet connection. It was the end of texting, then integrated Whatsapp calls, voice messages, stories, video calls, group chats, and a thousand other functions we use every day without even realizing it. A giant step forward for the world’s leading application in the messaging sector, which after years is still able to bear the brunt of the competition cable.

Whatsapp, the trick to translate messages in all languages

The WhatsApp
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The trick that can really change your life is this: to write your life in chat Message in ItalianThe app will do it automatically translate to a perfect english And without errors. Now comes the best part: by following the same mechanism, you can write Any language in the world!

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Let’s find out how. This trick is really easy to use in everyday life because it is based on a tool that everyone has tried at least once: Google translator (or Translation Originally). Let’s download the app GBoardThe official Google keyboard for smartphones. The keyboard will be integrated into Whatsapp automatically and among the many convenient functions, there is also the option of automatic translator.

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How it works: Open the chat, tap on the three dots next to the writing bar and select Translation. Now it will be possible to choose the language in which you write (Italian) and the one in which you want to translate your message immediately. A secret that makes you look good and amaze the recipient on the other side of the chat.

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