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We have always seen great technological progress over the past 20 years or so. One of the fundamental events in this sense was the wide spread of the Internet, which led to many important changes.

First of all, we remember the introduction of social networks (including for example the predecessor Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) and, two years later, the advent of smartphones, which made the Internet their strong point, and thus succeeded with the integration of applications to introduce more and more into daily activities .

Concerning the connectivity specifically guaranteed by smartphones, we will focus today, as Tim, one of the main telephone and communication companies in the Italian territory, recently announced, starting from October 15, 2022, the gradual (but continuing and by definitive) closure of 3G networks in Italy, in favor of connectivity The other one that is on Italian soil, these are 4G and 5G respectively.

This happened on the basis of recent rulings from the Telecom Assurance Authority. This gradual closure of 3G networks by Tim, which is now coming to an end after years and years of services, will allow the Italian company to focus its investments more on improving the performance and quality of the new networks, represented as we said before. 4G and the latest 5G respectively.

upcoming changes

In fact, let us remember that with the advent of 4G and 5G, the latter introduce really significant and significant changes, especially in the quality and speed of the Internet connection. It was precisely this increased speed that allowed the best possible use of the major streaming services, led first and foremost by Netflix, then moved on to Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Paramount Channel, Apple TV +, etc., which require a working internet connection from In order to fully enjoy the service.

Little will change for customers who have until now used a 3G connection (eg for smartphones, tablets, flash drives for temporary connection, etc.), since they will have the possibility to connect to the Internet in any case using a 2G network, even if there is a slight slowdown compared to before .

5G connectivity – a technological passion

Checking the compatibility of your smartphone with 4G and 5G connectivity is very simple, since you simply need to call a specific phone number for verification. We just have to wait for the next few months to see how the mobile connectivity situation in Italy will develop.

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