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Aspirin isn’t just for headaches. Its uses can be amazing, for example, placing it in the toilet bowl.

Aspirin toilet –

What is the first thing you think of when you have a headache? Take an aspirin. Starting today, you’ll probably also be taking it to do another great use you’re not expecting.

Aspirin: many uses in one tablet

When you have a headache, feel tired, have cold symptoms etc., the first thing that might come to your mind is to take aspirin. The molecule inside it, that is, salicylic acid, will have other wonderful properties. Example?

It is contained in some makeup For skin care, to counteract the appearance of acne and pimples. In fact, to get cosmetics at no cost, you can smear aspirin on the face.

There are those who use it to make gods foot baths in hot water. Aspirin will be able to soften the skin and thus soften calluses and calluses on the feet.

Aspirin in the toilet
Aspirin in the toilet –

Another use? to put it in the washing machine. Its power, activated by water, will whiten like never before before in light laundry and everyday clothes like sheets, tea towels and towels. Yet another use will amaze you, and you’ll probably never let go once you learn it.

How to use it in the toilet

Aspirin, which you use to treat headaches, can help Whitening your toilet. In particular, it can dissolve existing crust and yellow spots. The latter may have formed due to infrequent use of the toilet and the reason for stagnant water. Even soap residue is erased automatically.

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Below we will tell you how to use aspirin in your toilet. You will need them Five types of aspirin that you will need to combine with a cleansing soap Better if the liquid. Aspirin must be dissolved or crushed beforehand, and added to the detergent. The mixture will be left to run in the toilet for about half an hour. Then, you just have to flush the toilet To see your toilet shine again.

Clean the bathroom with aspirin
Clean the bathroom with aspirin –

Not just the actual mug. Aspirin dissolved in soapy water can be a Excellent descaling remover For hard surfaces in your bathroom, especially ceramics. To do this, dip a sponge in the solution and wipe it as needed. With a sponge dipped in hot water, rinse it and you will see the result: soapy residues and limescale will disappear.

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