“You will be on the right track in Abu Dhabi”

RomeAnother chance for Robert Schwartzman in Ferrari for this season of Formula 1. It’s confirmed Laurent Mekesthe sporting director of Cavallino, who announced the possibility of the Israeli driver running a free F1-75 training session at Abu Dhabi Grand PrixThe final round of the 2022 World Cup. “Schwartzman will be with us again in Abu Dhabi” – I mentioned his words Motorsport Total. Manager Red also explained how the session in the US allowed him “Building confidence”.

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McKiss then defended the young driver’s work in Austin: “I think it’s hard for young drivers to do free practice in Austin. It’s a very bumpy track and there were very strong winds so I think everyone had a hard time. Carlos too (Sainz, editor) is He got out of the car and said, “It was the last session I was going to give the car to a young driver.”. We tried to give him the best possible chances – He finished. We had two sets of tires and we know you can never get to the lap times of regular riders within an hour of a session.”.

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