“You shouldn’t get into the scales in the gym.”

While Federgistici President Gherardo Tecchi asserts that he believes “What did the girls sayI want the environment to be as clean and transparent as possible”; former Coptic of the Blue Rhythm, Marta Bagnini, notes that “one of the essential aspects It is the great discipline that athletes quickly learnFrom the first days in the gym, without distinction of level.”

“Discipline” it It is not always presented in an orthodox wayAs the player herself admits: “I met coaches who gave me a lot. In the same way I met negative people who made me insecure and fragile, who used heavy and offensive words towards me, which led me to go through moments of great sadness and difficulty.”

The way the web shakes work too, where our passion for percussion and parents of young athletes have spared the comments: “We must create a white book, a site where everyone publishes their stories or who knew about them. Hence dissemination, dissemination and dissemination in schools, in all educational fields ‘ the user hopes. «The scale should not enter the gym – writes the mother -. The scale is a tool that should be used exclusively by a dietitian or in any case by a doctor or a qualified person who gives him the right to use it.”

Another user says:The scale doesn’t have to be in the gym! Especially for minors! There are girls who go to national groups with scales in their cart! Unfortunately, the scandal concerns this sport at all levels! ».

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Finally, hope: “The demonization of food and verbal humiliation should abdicate in favor of a greater knowledge of proper nutrition and the awareness that those who want to compete at certain levels must necessarily make sacrifices, but must not live as in a concentration camp ».