You should not make mistakes to avoid high bills

Be careful with appliances, including the washing machine. In fact, it is often the habits that we consider to be the best that make us spend more.

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Escalating bills were the absolute champions of the fall. And they risk being so even during the winter, not only because, physiologically, local consumption will be higher. The problem, as we’ve seen, is much more than just using appliances at home. it’s mean, Although with some respect in the operation of heaters Or in the use of household appliances, the cost of the supplies themselves will be higher. For this reason, we must pay some attention not only to the amount of devices used, but to the strategies.

In fact, the savings are built through the complete knowledge of the tools used. The billing cost is amortized by following precise depreciation strategies, to be applied to this or that device. washing machine for example It is one of those devices which, depending on the use, can hold large expenditures or large savings. It all depends on us, or at least on our mistakes during use.

Washing machine and savings: How to avoid the sting on your bill

At the buying stage, considering the energy class is already an excellent savings strategy in itself. the higher you rise, For example in Class A + and above, consumption will be reduced during ignition. It applies to the washing machine as it does to all other appliances. Likewise, cleaning the device is important. Good maintenance, in fact, would favorably affect consumption, and thus the final cost of use. The same goes for the amount of detergent used. A common mistake, in fact, concerns the use of detergents that are poured in an amount greater than the one due. However, this procedure raises costs without making laundry cleaner.

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Another mistake that can indirectly affect the bill has to do with the habit of leaving stained clothes in the laundry basket. In fact, stains should be removed immediately, with a quick wash and therefore less expensive than a high temperature. Essential when the “old” stain has finished drying on the fabric. However, this should not lead us to believe Prewash is effective. In fact, such a strategy can burden both water and electricity costs. Basically, the habits we consider effective for the purpose of the result are often the ones that drive up the bill. Applicable to washing machine and other commonly used appliances. Just know her.

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