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Old lira rates, if you still have them today, could be worth a lot of euros, that’s what they are.

Old lira, this is really worth a fortune: you should look at the house
50 lira coin (photo from Instagram)

Let’s talk about old lira, a currency that the younger ones may not remember but that has been around for several decades, before it gave way to the euro, which we all know. In particular, our attention is drawn to 50 lira Below we present some interesting concepts about this coin.

the 50 lira It is a very special coin, minted in different versions depending on the years in which it was produced. They were born in 1954, despite some attempts at minting in previous years and they were finally discontinued in 2002 with the introduction of the single European currency. But What are the most sought after collectors and what is their value?

Certainly not all coins are worth the same amount, and their estimation depends on various factors, including availability, the year of production and whether there were minting errors and production defects. Below are the most sought after and appreciated in economic terms.

Old lira, if you have it, you can have fortune in your hand, that’s what they are

The most popular are the coins minted in the years of testingthe 50 lira volcano, produced between 1950 and 1953. Double-sided image of a woman and a figure of the god Vulcan. Its value exceeds 3.400 EUR If it is in perfect condition, or in Fior di Conio.

On the other hand, if you own a file 50 volcano liras from 1953Today, the value of this coin could be just under 12,000 EURReally amazing character. subordinate 1954 There are some rare specimens, as in one case Selling a coin at auction for 6000 euros. But there is a version of A coin instead of the god Vulcan has an anvil and a hammer.

A very rare and highly sought after coin, everyone who owns it, in almost perfect condition, has a treasure of about 25,000 EUR. Then there are other coins minted between the 1950s and 1960s that have very high circulation, and therefore desirability drops dramatically, even if 50 lira in 1958Fior di Conio, can also be of value 1.400 EUR. circa 800 EUR instead of these 1959.

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coins from 1960 hover around 900 EUR While these are from 1961go down around 550 euros. Gradually, with the latest products, the value decreases more and more until the coins are minted in 90which has a value of approx 15 euros.

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