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There are now very few who do not have a voice assistant at home. Any company, from Big Tech to Amazon even passing through Ikea, owns and patents devices that can be controlled through a voice assistant.

Also for this reason, all the companies dedicated to creating and marketing devices that help home automation Exploiting the voice assistant for connected devices very wisely decided to update the applications dedicated to this purpose.

Voice assistant –

After all, this is not surprising, because we are facing an era when there are at least 22 connected devices in the home with a voice assistant, which is why, if nothing else, should force these AI applications to be up to date and perform as much as possible.

Google Home masters its systems

at home The Google The intent to dazzle and please users is clearly taken as seriously as ever, so much so, that news is arriving from Mountain View that Google Home will be completely redesigned to be able to offer users greater customization, levels of use and management that are simple and on-scale.

Smart Home - 20221014
Smart Home –

It is precisely for this famous number of 22 connected devices in every home that Big G decided to make this redesign, which has become necessary and inevitable due to the large use of home automation Artificial intelligence in homes around the world.

They will be in the first place United State To be able to take advantage of the beta version of the new application, which will be equipped with a tabbed design where it will be possible to aggregate various information to be divided between Favorites, Devices, Automation, Activities And the settings.

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Moreover, every smart device in the home can be managed with a brand new moving bar located at the bottom of the mobile screen. The Automation tab will contain the most used apps and they will be updated more quickly than other apps.

This is because we want to allow users, especially the more experienced ones, to customize the contents of this folder in 360 degrees by choosing from many possibilities. Thanks to the new user interface, events can be scrolled vertically by sorting them automatically.

Finally, and perhaps the most interesting news everyone has been waiting for, at Mount View Big G technicians are working to make sure that Google Home also works on the web and, above all, on the wearable device With which it will soon be possible to carry out operations suitable for a smart home.

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