You have revolutionized the Champions League. New York could host the final in 2024 – La Fos de New York

A radical change is expected in the world of football. The UEFA Champions League Final, which begins in 2024, can be played in New York.

It seems paradoxical that the most important and important European competition could end under the stars and stripes flag of the United States, and yet it is the business world that is setting the table now.

It is certainly not the first time that an American controversy has arisen when it comes to the Champions League, but before the hypothesis was not as convincing as it is today. It looks like the stadium has already been christened, and Metlife won the race. Opened in 2010 after a $ 1.6 billion investment, it has more than 82,000 seats and usually hosts the New York Giants and the New York Jets, two prestigious American football teams.

Il Metlife Stadium (youtube)

The strong point of this choice will undoubtedly be the trade point. From the inside Football And remember how in the United States, in the past, ocean crowds of more than 100,000 people flocked to watch the pre-season of European top teams. It is true that the United States is famous for the advent of football with great enthusiasm, which convinced many European champions to choose it as the destination to end their careers.

Alexander Severin (Wikipedia)

For fans of the “old continent” it may be a problem with travel, but Alexander Schiffrin himself, president of UEFA since 2016, has argued that, after all, football fans are not afraid of a few more kilometers to go.

In short, the grounds for relegation in the Champions League in the great American states seem to be in place. It will be a huge blow to American sport which, in addition to the classic sports of which it is the undisputed leader, will also play a leading role in the discipline where Europe has always played a dominant role.

New York, by definition, is the city that never sleeps. If it is conquered in 2024 by fans from all over the world ready to attend the most important match of the year, its fame will only be confirmed.

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