You don’t have to worry anymore about its duration, that way your mobile battery will be “eternal”

Do you know a cell phone battery that suddenly drops? In this very simple way it will never happen again! Hear what happens.

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Here’s How You Can Get Your “Eternal” Cell Phone Battery (Photo by Gerd Altmann at Pixabay)

We all have cell phone, regardless of age. Old and young, adults and children have their own favorite model and know how to use it perfectly, sometimes it even happens that children know how to use it better than us.

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Frequent use of a device such as cell phone, It also involves the presence of low battery. But don’t worry, with a very simple method we will always be able to load it almost forever. Obviously, the method changes from one model to another. Let’s see together what we’re talking about.

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Mobile phone battery out? Never again in this very simple way

The cell phone It must be loaded with original charger. We must be wary of fakes and imitations, in fact these many times do the opposite. Instead of loading, they dump or load them more than they should, causing them to crash the battery And it caused the cell phone to completely crash in the long run at any moment.

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Prevent your battery from falling out easily with this super simple method (Photo by Steve Boysen at Pixabay)

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Obviously, the way we’re going to propose today is to try to file a file the battery we’ve got Mobile “eternal”. First, however, it will be necessary to divide mobile phones according to the model. So we will have:

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Let’s start with Android. These, before they can be commissioned, must be completely drained. By the time we go to ship it, we’ll need to make sure it’s 100% charged. And it is precisely at this moment that the method of making the battery eternal is implemented: just leave it charged for another two hours (after it reaches 100%) and after disconnecting the device from power, turn it off for about 20 minutes. This way, when you turn it on, we will already see some improvements.

As for theiOS The procedure is the same as the previous one, it differs only in one point. When we go to unplug it we will not turn it off for 2 minutes but we will go to reset the phone. This way we will have the same effect on Android.

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