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Important news starting from January 2022 for all ATM withdrawals. You risk fines if you exceed

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The 2022 It may not start in the best way for many Italians who are used to withdrawing large sums from . ATMs ATM.

In addition to inflation and paying taxes and fees, less wise Italians will find themselves having to pay Heavy fines If they do not pay attention to these details starting from the first day of the year.

ATMs and withdrawals, what changes from January 2022

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

From January 1, 2022, Italians will have to remember important details when they are preparing to withdraw money from an ATM. Starting in the new year, the Draghi government has taken a new measure to fightTax evasion Which specifically affects those who are preparing to withdraw cash from an ATM.

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Withdrawing cash from ATMs is becoming more and more difficult: while we are witnessing its decline, on the other hand, the government is taking measures to discourage cash withdrawals in order to combat tax evasion and to trace All of our payments.

From the first day of the new year, it will be possible to withdraw from ATMs less than a thousand euros, to be exact, the maximum withdrawal amount will be €999.99. All other operations over a thousand euros must be carried out exclusively by credit card – debit card, bank transfers, account transfers, etc. Even in stores, in cash, you will not be able to spend more than 999.99 euros.

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In the event that from January 1, an amount exceeding the maximum limit of 999.99 euros will be withdrawn, some checkups by your bank and the relevant authorities. Starting from the first day of the new year, a real explanation must be given for withdrawals that exceed the limit.

Those who do not have a correct explanation and exceeded by taking more will be met Heavy fines. These will range from minimal 2000 thousand euros, with a maximum of 50 thousand euros.

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