You can multiply the hydrangea even in the fall: it is enough to cut

Want to double the hydrangea but fall scares you? To do this, you just need to cut. Let’s see how to proceed.

Hydrangea pieces – Photo by Pexels

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If you are looking for beauty flowers To add a pop of color to your balcony or garden, you can’t ignore hydrangea.

Hydrangeas are flowering plants belonging to the family hydrangea They come from some parts of China. What distinguishes them is their flowers in the form of a bouquet and a sign temperature changewhich can vary from blue to red depending on the soil in which it is grown.

It is very easy to grow hydrangeas at home, but what is even more unusual is that the hydrangeas are completely free. There is already a way to hit them without spending a euro, or Mind beating.

Beating hydrangeas to pieces: how to proceed

hydrangea cuttings
Make a cut with scissors – Photo by Pexels

There is a lot Methods For propagation of plants, but not all are suitable for every type of plant. In this specific case, the most effective method with hydrangea is Mind beating.

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The term cutting refers to the part of the plant, from which a new plant will be born as if by magic. This is a very effective method, but above all a quick beating method.

In fact, by making your hydrangea cuttings, you won’t have to wait for normal seeding times to be able to see a new, beautiful plant in bloom. So let’s see how to proceed step by step.

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First, we recommend you to cut the hydrangea during fountainSo that it can be planted already in the fall. Find a healthy hydrangea and with the help of pre-sterilized shears, make a Cuts diagonal to approx 5 cm from the leaf knot. In total, the cutting length should be about 12 cm.

Remove all leaves from the newly cut branch and apply them to the base of the stem rooting hormone powder. This special powder will allow the plant to develop roots more easily.

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In a few weeks, you should already see her debut the roots, and once long enough we can proceed with moving our pieces. choose vessel They are about 15 cm in diameter and use suitable soil for hydrangeas. In a month, your cut will turn into a real and already large hydrangea.

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