You can find it for only 3 euros all over Italy

All of us, especially in this period, go in search of the offers that supermarkets have for customers. Here, in this regard, are the discounted and excellent quality products that we can find in all Lidl stores.

Offer not to miss lidl
Offer not to be missed Lidl –

L’a plus The cost of living and raw materials have made the products we find in the supermarket more expensive. This of course has enabled us to spend a lot of money when we go to Expenses. This situation is certainly not positive for the Italians, especially with the arrival of holiday season.

In December, in fact, the watchwords are “good food” and “family,” but both are well-defined variance With me Rising prices which we are all experiencing right now. Therefore, the main need at the moment is to spend as little as possible and Saving Money As much as we can, but that, when it comes to groceries, often means giving up a high level of Quality What we put on our tables.

Shopping in the supermarket –

What if, on the other hand, we discovered that eating well and spending less is possible? Indeed, it is, and this is thanks to the great offers that we can find in all supermarkets Lidl. Here are some products in this regard discounted which are all the rage, and which we can buy for around 3.00 euros.

Unmissable offers from Lidl

As you all know, supermarket flyers are available in stores and online, where all the information is presented Offers Available to customers. Even Lidl stores, of course, have thought of discounts dedicated to Italian families, making healthy products available for less than € 3.00, Gooddelicious, of the highest quality and also ideal for preparing festive meals to share with loved ones.

Go shopping
Shopping and savings –

Starting November 17, Lidl supermarkets are helping us satisfy all our carb cravings! On offer, in fact, for only 2.99 euros you can buy a very good one Stuffed pie From the brand “Italiamo”. We have two delicious flavors at our disposal: broccoli and sausage and pesto and cheese.

For those who, on the other hand, cannot do without it PizzaLidl really decided to discount two types greedy: one with taggiasca olives and caciocavallo DOP, “Italiamo” brand, and one with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and burrata, also of the same brand. These two products can be purchased at €2.79 and €2.69, respectively.

Products offered in Lidl to be taken immediately

In addition to a wide selection of pizza and focaccia, at Lidl we can also find different types of offers macaroniPerfect for every type of palate. For those who love pasta full, “Mezzelune with pecorino romano DOP and pepper” of the “Italiamo” brand is available for 1.69 euros or, alternatively, “Margherite sausage and spinach” for only 1.99 euros. On the other hand, he prefers to stay classic, you can opt for the delicious “lemon tagliatelle” at €0.99; For a good plate of “Pici”, which can be bought for € 1.29 or for the same joy, “3 flavors of pasta” for € 1.19.

Shopping Deals
Shopping offers

We are Italians, and we cannot ignore that for every type of pasta there is one juice Perfect to match! Lidl stores, with their offers, have also thought about this. Various types of Italiamo are also available spices. In fact, we can choose between garlic greens and kale. Hot peppers, oil, almonds and olives, and pay only 1.69.

If we are lovers Great classicsHowever, the “Cacio e pepe sauce” is the perfect choice for us and it is possible to find it at 1.39.

In short, at Lidl there really is something for all tastes. And for all budgets!

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