You can amplify your signal with these four simple tricks

If you can’t surf the internet well in some rooms of the house, boosting your wi-fi signal is the only solution, and it’s very simple!

Once upon a time, when wi-fi technology was not yet so widespread, it was necessary to lay meters and meters of cable through different rooms in order to transmit the Internet signal from one point to another in the house. In the face of a long and costly task, communication was certainly obtained at a good speed in all the environments the cable reached.

With the drastic change in technology, the home chores that are required to ensure good internet access throughout the home are becoming less demanding. In most cases this is sufficient Plug the wi-fi router into an electrical outlet And connect all devices in the house to the network.

This simple procedure becomes more problematic when the house has large outdoor spaces, whether they are spread over several levels or with very thick walls between one room and another. How do we do in these cases?

4 foolproof ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal

Reposition the modem

Before thinking about how to intervene to strengthen your home wi-fi network, it is advised to do a Try it at no cost What does it mean Move the router from one point in the house to another. By choosing a more central location, or perhaps closer to the points where we use mobile devices most often (next to the sofa, in the study where we work or in the kitchen) we can significantly improve the situation.

Enter the router configuration

Another slightly more complex but no-cost intervention is: Modify the router’s network configurations by assigning a new channel through which the wi-fi signal will be broadcast. After doing that, you should restart the router and go back to connect to the network. If the signal is stronger and more reliable, then there was interference on the previously used channel.

in the yard or in the garden

If the goal is to secure a Good Wi-Fi coverage outdoors And without electrical outlets, like a large patio or garden, the best solution is to buy some range extender. These are the devices that work just like that Signal repeaters generated by the main router. By installing one along the perimeter of the patio, or in the perimeter wall of the house that runs along the garden, it will be possible to guarantee a good wi-fi coverage. In this case, it will be necessary Set a password to access the network So that strangers could not get to it from the street or neighboring gardens.

Very large apartments or on two floors

One of the main issues, when it comes to wi-fi coverage, is the ability to Overcoming architectural obstacles is at home. to Go around very thick walls and beat the stairs The system becomes very useful power lines, formed by Devices that plug into electrical outlets And using the home’s electrical system to transmit the Wi-Fi signal from one room to another. In practice, with this system, each room can have its own access point to the network.

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