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There is no doubt that the year 2022 that has just passed was marked by an increase in energy prices, which affected both Italy and Europe in general indiscriminately.

It all started when the first conflicts broke out in Ukraine during the first months of last year, which led to very unpleasant direct consequences. Indeed, we had to witness the gradual and continuous increase in the cost of energy, both of electricity and of methane, which clearly preceded the increase in relative monthly energy bills by the main energy suppliers, such as Enel Energia in the case of the Italian territory. Today we decided to give you targeted tips to try to save as much energy as possible, and save on the bills you’ll be paying in the months ahead.

Nowadays we use home appliances a lot in the home environment, to go and carry out all our daily tasks. In fact, inside the house we have a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, etc. It is clear that all these appliances, taken together, imply really high consumption and deferment.

In particular, today we are going to focus specifically on the washing machine, which we all use almost every day to clean and perfume our clothes that we wear throughout the day.

Often, one of our main tips, aimed at saving energy (and money, by extension), is: Prefer economy/ambient modepresent in the vast majority of home appliances nowadays.

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But are we really sure that this mode involves lower consumption as we expect?Yes, Eco mode lets you consume much less than any traditional mode we use, allowing you to save a lot on bills.

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However, we must always keep in mind another parameter, along with that of the eco mode / environment, or the energy efficiency class of the device we are going to consider. Even if the Eco / Ambiente mode is used, for example, a washing machine with low energy efficiency will still have a higher consumption than usual.

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Economic status – technological passion

Quite the opposite in the case where a washing machine with a high energy efficiency class is used, using the traditional mode can result in significant savings compared to the usual mode. In addition, the usual advice that we give you, finally, is to use the washing machine (as well as many other appliances, such as the dishwasher for example) always and only with a full load, avoiding frequent and unnecessary washings during the day.

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