Yogesh Maurya, the Indian who wants to buy Livorno

Forty-six years old On February 18, activities were developed in Real estate sector it’s a The International Fund It works jointly with US partners. This is an image Yogesh Maurya, ForIndian businessman Born in Long Branch, New Jersey (USA), is interested Livorno Football AssociationWho arrived in the city on Wednesday 3 February, also introduced himself to Mayor Luca Salvetti. Graduated from Columbia University, he is also the founder and owner of Fateh Hyderabad, a third-class Indian team, along with a fellow student at the Wharton School, Aditya Narayanan.

Yogesh Maurya, Indian football, Livorno 1-2

Maruya arrives in town wearing a suit, dark coat, brown flat hat, white mask and Velor scarf Around the neck, accompanied by the former Livorno team manager, Gianni Palombo, And by an Italian businessman working in the United States in the footwear sector. In the morning visit the headquarters andMeeting With Pierpaolo Gherlone and Angelo Cronaglia (Sicily), Then the institutional pass with the mayor and reaching the stadium to watch Livorno Piacenza, which ended in the Al-Marada defeat 1-0.

Livorno Seal, favela from the mayor with President Heller: “The benefit is there, we are analyzing the calculations”

Sitting on the sidelines, far from the current management, Maruya has not made any statements, but from what has been leaked on the field, he will be really interested in the company and will already have a long-term plan in mind to rebuild the company starting from the fields of training and from Youth sector. Before anything else, he wants to look at the company’s accounts, understand the costs and benefits, and then make the necessary assessments. Hence, the times when you decide how to move and whether to act are immediate.


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