Yellowstone 4, Costner is back in Sky and there are 1883 cross

Rome, December 12 – “Revenge is worth the wait.” In the United States, the fourth season of Yellowstone, Paramount’s series among the most popular series in recent years, achieved a sensation, surpassing 8 million viewers in two episodes of its November debut; Large quantity, not only for cable TV but nowadays also for TV in general. And the new chapter in the Dutton neo western saga led by Academy Award winner Kevin Costner is even more awaited, starting December 14th on Sky Atlantic and NOW. Meanwhile, the prequel to the series ‘1883’: A Look at a Family’s Past, on the long journey that led the ancestors of the heroes we know so well in Montana, has already been announced. Also behind the show is pre-show Taylor Sheridan, who promises his fans strong feelings. The US debut is scheduled for December 19th. Back in the fourth season of Yellowstone, the Duttons returned to television after a long wait of more than a year due to the pandemic, answering many of the questions left by the third season finale, in which it seemed that all the family’s heirs were caught in the crossfire of attacks of unknown nature. And the American audience responded en masse: The debut was the most-watched series to date, up 104% compared to the season 3 premiere, just over a year ago (4.2 million). Additionally, Yellowstone was the most-watched cable series broadcast since an episode of The Walking Dead in 2018, on AMC, and also surpassed HBO’s Colossus Game of Thrones, which by the start of its fourth season attracted 6.6 million viewers. Yellowstone 4 picks up exactly where the story left off – with Patriarch John (Kevin Costner) bleeding after a gunshot wound, his daughter Beth (Kelly Riley), and son Casey (Luke Grimes) potentially a shooting victim. One way or another, they managed to thwart the attacks and call for help or rescue. At the end of the first show we will find them, if not completely unharmed, at least alive. (Dealing).

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